Mirrors will decorate and expand your home

You may substantially contribute to your interior by using
decorative elements. This is easy enough to do - add mirrors to your interior and
you will solve the problem. Apart from the function of the decoration, mirrors perfectly play a practical role in the design, turning the room into a unique one. But to be able to combine style and relevance, you should learn the design innovations and latest trends.
What can mirror bring to your interior?
·       improve visual perception of space;
·       increase the level of illumination;
·       change the proportions of the room;
·       disguise a constructive drawback;
·       express a stylistic concept.
The mirror frame plays very big importance: the modern or antique look of the mirror depends on it. You may use a different material for the frame – metal, wood, modern plastics can pleasantly surprise you.

How to place a mirror in the interior?
There are certain rules which you’d better follow when finding a place for a mirror in your home. If you want to increase the space – put the mirror on the opposite door to the window. If you plan to convert a rectangular room into more square – put mirrors on long walls. If you need to make your room lighter – a mirror should be positioned in a way that it can reflect sunlight.

Try to avoid the following:
• Avoid reflection of too large objects in the mirror, such as a sofa;
• in extreme cases, these large objects should be in light colors;
• many small items reflected in a mirror will create a feeling of chaos.
Giovani Glass can be your guide in a mirror world, we will help with design and installation.  You should remember the only thing – moderation and adjusted proportions of the mirrors will bring comfort, which is fundamental for the correct design.