Glass kitchen tables

Glass creates ease and elegance in the interior. Glass subjects seem to dissolve in the room. But where is this effect the most appropriate at home? For example, it may be a coffee table in the living room. But more original and non-standard solutions - to buy a glass kitchen table.

Few tips on how to choose a glass table
First of all, you should decide whether the table will combine the functions of the festive table. If you plan to host guests, pay attention to sliding models. They will comfortably accommodate a large company. Then think about the color of the glass table in the kitchen. As a rule, the table and chairs are the "inhabitants" of the kitchen, which are chosen in the last turn.
So take a look at what colors prevail in the kitchen. They will give you a solution to the table color. Some manufacturers offer models with dual desktops, the colors of which may be different.
Beforehand, decide what kind of desktop you like. Choose a square, rectangular, oval or round shape. Additional advice - take a look at the design of the kitchen again, so as not to be mistaken with the material of the legs. They can be metal, aluminum, wood and so on.
Advantages of kitchen glass tables.

The glass top for the table is not fragile, even if it seems so visually. This is a high-strength material, which does not fall apart into sharp glass bits when broken. Giovani Glass uses only special tempered glass for table tops. By the way, to break it you need to try hard – it can withstand loads up to 30 kg and has a thickness from 5 to 25 mm.
Glass kitchen tables do not react to sharp temperature differences and withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees. The material is environmentally friendly. It requires simple care. Contamination is removed with a soft cloth without special expensive funds. We emphasize that the lifetime of the glass table is unlimited. They serve dozens of years while retaining their original appearance and not losing the charm of a new thing. You can be sure that a glass table in the kitchen is a purchase for years.
So, Giovani Glass provided all the most important information you need to know about glass kitchen tables. Now you just need to place an order.