Balcony fences: design options and methods of implementation

Balcony fences: design options and methods of implementation
Balcony fences: design options and methods of implementation

 Balcony fences
Thanks to modern construction and production technologies, nothing is impossible and impossible to implement their design ideas in real life. For example, our ancestors could enjoy a beautiful view from their cold marble balcony or at the worst of a wooden veranda only in a warm season. Today, their descendants, spread out in a relaxed position on a sofa or a lounge chair on the same balcony or veranda, can admire a beautiful view of the picturesque landscape or the lights of the city at night, without worrying about the meteorological features.

In this article, we will look at modern methods of decorating balcony fences with the help of various materials, as well as all the “pitfalls” that may appear during their construction.

The most important thing about the balcony fence

There are many different variations and styles for the organization of balcony railings, but the most important point when choosing one of the directions is the definition of which functional tasks will be assigned to this structure. We list them:

protection function;
aesthetic appeal;
strength and durability.
Residents of multi-story buildings, balconies, and loggias of which are decorated in the most simple and impersonal way, want to transform and somehow decorate their homes with new improved ideas that stand out from the gray mass. Balcony fencing is a good help to achieve this goal, but not every material can handle the functional load. So, consider the features of all popular materials used for the arrangement and design of balcony railings.
Balcony fences: design options and methods of implementation

Balconies made of plastic

Plastic processing is widely popular among residents of apartment buildings, as it is not the most labor-intensive and cheap material. In addition, due to its aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, affordable price, plastic perfectly copes with the task of arranging the loggia. It should be noted that in this embodiment it is necessary to combine with more durable materials because the resistance to mechanical damage to plastic structures is not enough for the required intensive use. The disadvantages of plastic balcony fencing can also be attributed to the too simple design of the facade, limited design possibilities, besides this, plastic changes the original presentable appearance with time.

Forged balcony railing

Surely many fans of the French design directions will celebrate the beauty and sophistication of wrought balconies. Currently, talented forging craftsmen, processing metal in various ways, can turn it into true artistic masterpieces.