Glass balcony fencing

Glass balcony fencing

It is very difficult to visually suggest how such heavyweight structures can be held on the adhesive joints, but oddly enough, they are among the most durable and durable structures.

Forging is the most suitable element for the exterior design of spacious loggias in country houses or balcony structures with strong reinforcement fixings to the main plates. Its benefits include:

perfectly tolerates weather conditions (heat, cold, etc.);
unique design (masters will make any desired shape).
And disadvantages:

high cost, since the processing of metal for the manufacture of any fancy forms of forged products, is a very laborious and lengthy process;
the complexity and insecurity of the construction of such a structure on high floors of apartment buildings.
Metal balcony railing

The use of aluminum, stainless and ferrous metals for decorating loggias is distinguished by an ergonomic and practical way of design. In addition, metal fencing can look unique if you apply the technology of spraying or painting (gold, chrome, nickel, etc.). Most often they are used for enclosing the balconies of apartment buildings since the metal fits perfectly into the style of the entire structure and is easily mounted on a reinforced concrete base. The advantages of metal structures - are durable, resistant to weathering, reliability, and ease of operation. If necessary, there is always the possibility to supplement the design with glass, wood, plastic and other materials.
Glass balcony fencing

Wooden constructions for balconies

The fence of wood or log - ideal for private buildings in the cottage style. A prerequisite for the processing of wooden materials for balconies will be the improvement of durability indicators (varnish opening). In the balcony fence of wood, you can embody almost any design - create beautiful products from wood with intricate shapes, figurines, and cutouts in the form of fences, nets and more.

The shortcomings of wooden fencing exterior structures can be attributed to their fragility (every season after heavy autumn rains, winter cold and cold, they should be treated with special varnishes, paints, which is a very laborious process for the owner) and the inability to use in apartment buildings.

Glass balcony fencing

A special place in the manufacture of ultramodern balcony railings is glass. Glazing is an up-to-date method of arrangement that has become the most popular among owners of not only country houses, but also high-rise buildings.
Glass balcony fencing