Transparent glass balcony fencing

Neutral, from a design point of view, a loggia fence made of flat tempered glass with stainless steel and anodized aluminum fittings will not only diversify the decor of your balcony and make it more stylish.
Transparent glass balcony fencing

At the same time, the main problem of the latter is a strictly limited space, which restrains the possibilities of design ideas. For credibility, we list the main advantages of glass structures:

safety and strength
You should not be afraid of the fragility of the enclosing structure since the material from which it is made is multi-layer triplex. As you know, this is a special technology, tested for strength and quality (several layers of glass are connected using a special polymer film). If damage has already occurred from any mechanical effects, the glass is not broken precisely because of this bonding, and spider web forms at the impact site. In such a state glass can be long enough without losing its functional qualities;

beauty and perfection
What could be more elegant glass? Translucent material does not take up space, but even visually enlarges it, while the entire panorama outside the window opens without interfering with the penetration of sunlight;

excellent wear resistance
Even with time, the glass will not lose its qualities, color, and transparency;

ease of installation
In comparison with fences made of other materials, the installation of glass structures requires special skills and abilities, but the process itself takes place quickly;

excellent noise and heat insulation
Triplex glass has excellent sound insulation, strength,
Transparent glass balcony fencing
and resistance to aggressive environmental influences.

Summing up, we note that each of the existing fences has its advantages and disadvantages. The main criterion for the right decision when choosing a material is to proceed from the design of your balcony, while not forgetting about the architectural features of the entire building.