Automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors - keeping up with the times!

Automatic sliding doors are increasingly in demand in modern construction due to their unconditional advantages:

opportunities to save the internal space of the room;
high throughput;
good maintainability;
relatively low cost;
Automatic sliding doors
Automatic sliding doors
a large resource of work;
Glass sliding automatic doors also allow the use of natural daylight. At the same time, the internal space is visually increased and the cost of artificial lighting is saved.
The doors of such doors are made of an aluminum frame filled with tempered glass with a thickness of at least 10 mm, or double-glazed windows with internal protective films, or shatterproof triplex.

The scope of automatic sliding doors is quite wide; these are medical institutions, public buildings, industrial factories, and catering facilities. And using automatic sliding doors inside the office, you can control the entrance/exit to it. Open the door using the remote control or an individual magnetic key, a mini-camera will serve as a door peephole.

The only prerequisite for installing such doors wherever you are in the availability of sufficient space to push the movable wings.

Equipped with drives manufactured by the German company GEZE
Automatic sliding doors
Automatic sliding doors

, automatic sliding doors have a smooth ride and optimally distribute weight, the quality of automation is time-tested. The certification according to European standards fully guarantees the reliability of the doors.

Depending on the installation location and their purpose, several types of doors are available.