Costa Boda Santa

Costa Boda Santa
Costa Boda Santa

Costa Boda Santa
The unique technology of glued glass is also used. The product is painted on a slice, then a layer of colorless glass is fused, then again the color, and so many times. As a result, when you look at the product from the front, it is transparent, and when - at an angle, an amazing color is found inside.

Costa Boda Santa
Costa Boda Santa
Costa Boda amber vase Designers experiment with works of art, including metal and wood, along with glass. Mastering a new technology - "3D" - glass.
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They draw inspiration from national romance and wildlife. And they do it with great kindness and humor. How do you like this series of New Friends glasses? Even the name itself makes you smile.

glasses with different objects
At their bottom, the muzzles of a badger, raccoon, bear, bird, fox, duck and wild boar protrude from the river. And here is how artists embody the Scandinavian history and mythology in their works.

Costa Boda Viking ship
"Costa Boda" produces gifts, watches, vases, tableware. Probably very nice to drink champagne from such a stylish glass.

Costa Boda make up
A rare lady will refuse to go to the theater with such a handbag.

Costa Boda Bag
Thanks to its unique creative manner, the Costa Boda brand has taken one of the main positions in the world of applied and artistic products from the colored and unpainted glass. The works of her artists are exhibited in museums, galleries, and specialty stores both in Sweden and abroad.

Of course, the works of Costa Boda are an expensive pleasure. For example, the last handbag costs 1700 euros. But the unique author’s design, handwork always remain an indicator of a high position in society and excellent taste.

And most importantly - the fabulous, mesmerizing beauty of every creation!