Telescopic Sliding Automatic Doors

Telescopic Sliding Automatic Doors
They can open a passage equal to two-thirds, and not just half the length of the drive. Two pairs or one leaf move in one direction, go one after the other, unlike the standard version. Such doors are used when there is not enough space on the sides of the opening for pushing the wings to the desired width.

Semicircular Automatic Sliding Doors

They are used in buildings with semicircular facade elements. Good for expensive shops, banks and prestigious office centers. However, it should be noted that the automation in these doors is rather more complicated and it is not recommended to install them in the entrances with a large flow of visitors.

Corner Automatic Sliding Doors
Such doors make maximum use of small openings, and the opening angle can be from 90 to 135 degrees. The ideal option is for an entrance located in a corner of the room. Also, such doors will decorate the facade of the building.

Automatic sliding doors equipped with an anti-panic system
They are used when it is necessary to install them at the exit for evacuation from the premises. In such a door there are blindside parts that, when pressed on, open outward. Having opened the deaf parts and spreading the wings to the extreme positions, you can get a passage almost equal to the width of the door.

Automatic swing doors
Install in the absence of the possibility of using a sliding door. The necessary indicators of door movement are regulated: direction, speed,
Telescopic Sliding Automatic Doors
Telescopic Sliding Automatic Doors

and angle of opening, the delay time in the opening position. Also in such cases, you can install glass pendulum doors.

Main technical characteristics of automatic sliding doors of GEZE:
Self-tuning system;
Telescopic Sliding Automatic Doors
Telescopic Sliding Automatic Doors
Self-determination of errors and fixing them on the drive display;
Blocking from unauthorized opening during non-working hours;
Independent opening of the door in the event of an obstacle in the doorway;
Urgent opening in case of loss of light from the battery;
Coloring according to the RAL catalog.