The most popular glass objects

The most popular glass objects
The most popular glass objects

Aluminum doors - entrance and interior. Compared with products from other materials, they have better sound insulation, fireproof, less susceptible to mechanical damage. Used for domestic and commercial buildings, winter gardens, cottages and so on;
aluminum windows - used for glazing windows, loggias, balconies. They are lightweight and at the same time durable, fireproof, smooth, attractive in appearance. Aluminum windows have excellent sound and heat insulation, as well as the broadest opportunity to experiment with the design;
aluminum partitions for zoning space - very often used in modern offices, sometimes used in private construction. its lightness, fire safety and external attractiveness;
frameless glazing - a modern version of the glazing of balconies, loggias, verandas, terraces. The monolithic design of tempered glass looks very elegant, it is not visible when closed, visually increases the size of the room. In addition, such a system has the highest levels of isolation from wind, sound, rain, cold, dust and other negative external factors;
glass visors above the entrance - made of tempered glass. Such constructions are much lighter and more reliable than concrete or stone analogues, moreover, they are easier to maintain, transmit light and look much more stylish;
glazing of the winter garden. Own winter garden in a cottage, country house, office or commercial building is not only a beautiful and attractive element in appearance. A large number of plants makes the air cleaner, having a beneficial effect on the body. For the glazing of the greenhouse, a special heavy-duty tempered glass is used, which transmits light well and provides optimal insulation of the room from negative environmental factors;
glass domes on the roof - used in the construction of greenhouses, conservatories, stadiums, commercial buildings, sometimes in private construction to create an unusual look for the house. The shape, material used, supporting structure and types of fasteners can vary significantly.